Fatal PVP - Free Ultima Online Server

 New Server up and running began to establish a player base. Scripts are more then half way done. Still working on minor items/mobiles. Extras. Etc.

 Come Join Us    --- 4/6 , pvp shard-, Custom Hue Setting options... ,Custom Skill/stat Set up No setting  Macros for your skills is necessary.No Skill Cap---

Come Join Us -bring your friends,
@    fatal-pvp.servegame.com         2593   

If server is not up for some reason please try again later that day or tomorrow only down time possible is 1minute-10Hours unless -vacation Or moves houses...

Sadly we will be down for a short period...we will be up and running asap i will have to go into saves and delete the ones from the time we got attacked... sry be up soon if u cant log in 3 days next week for sure.